Why cloth diapers can help with potty training?

Why cloth diapers can help with potty training?

Children grow so fast! One day, your baby will use their last diaper and start wearing normal cloth underwear just like any other adult! This will surely be an emotional moment to witness.  However, the path of learning how to successfully use potty may be a bit complicated. 

This is where cloth diapers enter the scene. The main reason they are the best choice for potty training is that the cloth diapers are more similar to usual fabric underwear than the disposable ones. They easily assist your baby in understanding when exactly they need to use toilet. The immediate realization when exactly they are wet or dirty allows your baby to see the connection between a full bladder, the following release of muscles and a wet or dirty cloth insert inside the cloth shell of a diaper. It does not mean that the cloth diaper your baby is wearing stays wet all the time, it does absorb liquid. But there is still enough time for your baby to feel the outcome of natural body processes in the first minutes of using a diaper directly as it is meant to be!


Moreover, the material of a cloth diaper is of course much closer to the usual fabric underwear your children will wear once in the future. Getting used to the feeling of fabric helps to overcome the transition process much faster and without any drastic unfamiliar experience.

Potty training is the process of patience and comfort. By using cloth diapers you can eliminate bigger mess that may happen when trying usual baby underwear. What is more important is the right approach and emotions that you and you children experience during this time. Let's not forget about that!

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