Fabrics in cloth diapers

Fabrics in cloth diapers

What is an insert?

It is an absorbent fabric liner that can be added to the inside of a pocket diaper or any other type. The different materials from which these inserts are made serve different needs, and today we will briefly tell you about their unique features.

☁️ Cotton.
One of the oldest and easiest materials to use.  Dries relatively quickly and does not wear out over time, but may not be the most absorbent material.  The perfect combination is a blend of cotton with other materials in the fabric.

🎋 Bamboo.
Currently it is a very popular material.  Absorbs very well, but may take a little longer to dry.  It is easy to take care of bamboo products and they can be used for a variety of purposes.

🧽 Microfibre.
Absorbs very quickly and dries very quickly, easy to clean, but cannot keep moisture for a long time.  Microfiber inserts are suitable for those babies who use a diaper often and a lot.  Requires more frequent changes, but prevents leaks in this case.

We hope this information is useful to you and you can choose the most suitable type of inserts for yourself without any challenges!
And if you already know what works the best for you, please share with us what is your choice of fabrics for inserts?

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