Low-cost diapering: How cheap cloth diapers can actually be?

Low-cost diapering: How cheap cloth diapers can actually be?

The transition from disposable diapers to full cloth diaper use can seem quite complicated and even more worrisome in terms of budget. While cloth diapers do save you several thousand of Ringgit in the long run, the cost of a complete full-time set of cloth diapers requires a one-time perceptible investment!

How to start low-cost cloth diapering? How to enter this playground without constant overwhelming feeling of doing something unusual?

We offer you a way that will not be even noticeable for your wallet! Moreover, this path of starting cloth diapering will not feel like a burden to you, and you can easily adapt and develop your slow and comfortable routine of switching fully to reusable diapers! 

1. Choose a one part-time set of 2-5 cloth diapers and 5-7 different inserts.  They all vary based on the absorbance level, time of drying, ways of closing a diaper, and so on.

2. Start by wearing one cloth diaper for a normal period of one diaper use, a couple of hours, once per day or two.

3. Get familiar with cleaning one diaper. Watch our Youtube laundry videos, read our posts, choose the best detergent that you always use or the one that you find perfectly fitting for any baby clothes.

4. Once you understand how the laundry works, try using cloth diapers for one full day, for example, during weekends. Explore storing options, since you do not have to wash every used diaper one by one. By the way, we also have videos about storing soiled cloth diapers on our Youtube channel!

5. You do not need to rush things, get accustomed with a new routine when you use cloth diapers one day per week!

6. When and if you feel like so, you can eventually add more days of full cloth diapering, try a cloth diaper at night, and purchase more diapers when you feel the need for more.

Cloth diapering is not hard and definitely is not scary when you learn about it in your own cozy pace! Additionally, when you start using cloth diapers step by step, you do not need to buy a whole big set at once, you can slowly collect and widen your wardrobe of cloth diapers from time to time.

Let's explore it more together, always feel free to message us in case you have any questions!

Who are we? 

We are Heiko, a cloth diaper online store that sells multi-time use cloth diapers and offers washing services with a complete solution to the parents who are looking for an environmentally friendlier alternative over disposable diapers.

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