The importance of mutual support in motherhood!

The importance of mutual support in motherhood!

Being a mom is the most self-giving yet soul-fulfilling job in the world. 

It is a bumpy ride that takes dedication, selflessness, courage and most importantly, patience. 

Unfortunately, Motherhood doesn't come with an instruction manual that you can easily follow and excel in. Parenting styles differ from one family to another depending on their backgrounds, family structure and standard of living. 

However, regardless of how differently each of us ventures it,  as mothers, we all have a common ground: Desiring the best for our children!

Motherhood is not a competition!

We must understand that Motherhood is not a competition; it's a unique journey that each of us must navigate on our own, both the good and bad sides of it. Sometimes the journey will feel like pure happiness and bliss, and other times it is going to be long and agonizing. 

Believe me when I say that no matter how much a mom's life seems perfect, behind that,  there are struggles, sleepless nights, anxiety, self-doubt and the same fear that haunts us all: Am I doing enough for my child? 

So if you're a mom or planning to be one, you must know that you're not alone, that although Motherhood can be undeniably hard at times, it's the same for everyone.

That's why having someone who can relate to both the joys and the challenges of this journey can make the tough days much more bearable.

You are not the only person experiencing the imperfections of Motherhood, and realizing that other moms have already overcome your current fears and struggles is relieving beyond words. That realization makes you comprehend that you're doing better than you thought and that everything will be okay in the end!  

So let's stop falling into this toxic comparison trap. When you see a mother thriving, pat her on the back and learn from her; if you see a mom struggling, don't be happy that you're doing better and help her instead.

Remember how you felt or might feel if you were in her shoes, How you desperately needed support in certain situations and couldn't find any, be that person you've been looking for. 

How can you support other moms as a mom? 

Mutual support in motherhood means being more open with our struggles, our wins, celebrating our differences and viewpoints as mothers. 

It means not holding each other accountable for small mistakes and belittling each other's problems; it can be as simple as giving a hug, saying encouraging words, or letting each other take a short but much-needed break.

By accumulating each other's knowledge and skills, we can certainly become better parents!

Let's pull each other up instead of tearing other mothers down. Let's start supporting, learning and advising one another.

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